TCTSY Foundational Trainings

with the Center for Trauma & Embodiment Boston

we welcome Yogateachers, Psychotherapists, Traumatherapists, Coaches, Social Worker, Educaters, Activists

and any other professions who work in the field of Trauma.

TCTSY is a unique intervention based on the robust research that has emerged from the Trauma Center in Boston and the only yoga program accepted as evidence-based treatment for trauma by SAMSHA / NREPP.


The program established in 2003 has helped thousands of people dealing with severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex, inter-relational trauma—from military veterans to survivors of chronic abuse.


The model has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms for people with Complex Trauma and PTSD and to significantly improve quality of life. 

Our latest randomized clinical trial shows that TCTSY has equivalent effectiveness as CPT – Cognitive Processing Therapy – and a 42,6% higher treatment completion rate than CPT.


CPT is another evidence based treatment modality and the gold standard treatment for PTSD in the US Military System. Read more:

TCTSY as effective as CPT
Research Article
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TCTSY is open to all people regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, body type and physical ability.


Foundational Trainings English Online

  • April 20 + 21, 2024, 09:00 – 04.30 pm CET
  • Juni 01 + 02, 2024, 09:00 – 04.00 pm CET
  • November 23 + 24, 2024, 09:00 – 04.00 pm CET


Birgit Löwenbrück
accredited trainer of the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, Boston, USA

Seminar fee

380,00 €

About Foundational Training

Who is this training suitable for

This introduction is designed for psychotherapists, social workers, mental health clinicians, yoga teachers, activists, educators and other health care professionals who are looking to integrate the body into their trauma-work context.   

There are NO prerequisites to attend this Foundational Training. 

It intends to support yoga teachers in making their classes more trauma-informed, and mental-health clinicians and other professions in integrating TCTSY elements like trauma-sensitive movement that are vital to the healing process of complex trauma in personal, professional, community-based or system-wide relationships. 


Learning Objectives

The program will introduce you to the core concepts and applications of TCTSY with an emphasis on how the core building blocks of TCTSY are basics to anti-oppressive, trauma sensitive work, including: 

  • a short historical overview on the development of TCTSY 
  • the theoretical underpinnings that inform our practice (trauma theory, attachment theory, neuroscience and oppression/trauma/intersectionality)
  • Core elements of the TCTSY practice, including practice teaching and research. 


Participants will learn 

  • how to meet survivors on their healing journey and 
  • explore a shared authentic experience of embodiment,
  • to evolve a foundational understanding of this empowerment based program,
  • how to facilitate a present moment experience of safety and predictability. 


This training is intended to support participants in expanding their current clinical or movement-based practice to incorporate some of the TCTSY methodology, focusing on movements and language that actively share power and agency with participants. 


This training qualifies as a pre-requisite for applications for Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga's annual 300 hour Certification Program with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, CFTE, Boston.

More information:



  • There will be large and small group settings and a change between theory and practice. 
  • This 20 hour Foundational Training includes 14 hours in person or life online via Zoom and about 6 hours for individual learning (prepare practice teaching and facilitate 3 simple yoga forms on the second seminar day and engaging with reading and seminar materials after training).
  • Participants will receive the Zoom link for the seminar one day before the start of the training and a link to a Google Drive folder to download all seminar materials after the training. 


About Birgit

Birgit has a diploma degree in Social Work and Educational Science, she is a Trauma Therapist in private practice – licensed as Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapie in Germany, Yoga and Qigong instructor.


Birgit had her first TCTSY training with the Trauma Center in 2010. She is a certified TCTSY facilitator and member of the trainers faculty of the Center for Trauma and Embodiment.


She is also a mentor in the annual TCTSY Certification Program. Birgit works with trauma survivors since many years and offers TCTSY to groups and individuals.

Birgit Loewenbrueck

Further Information

  • Seminar language & handouts: English 
  • The seminar is accredited for continuing education of 20 hours by Yoga Alliance
  • The seminar is accredited for continuing education of 18 hours by IAYT


Please note

This workshop is solely for professional development and is not a certificate program: to be certified in TCTSY, completion of the TCTSY Certification Program is required. This workshop is also not intended as an intervention for those who have experienced trauma. 


This workshop is an introduction to TCTSY and does not qualify non-clinical yoga teachers or other professions to offer trauma services, including TCTSY. This workshop is intended to support non-clinical yoga teachers and other professions to create a more trauma informed, or trauma aware yoga session. Clinicians and other professions will be able to integrate TCTSY elements into their professional context or into psychotherapy.  


Talking about trauma, even in the context of a professional training can be triggering/overwhelming!

Terms and Conditions

For Cancelation until 4 weeks prior to the first day of workshop we will keep a service fee of 30 €. For cancellations at a later date, there will be no refund.


If you are unable to show up for the workshop for any reason there will be no refund and there is no right to participate in a future seminar as a substitute free of charge. By registering for the seminar and transferring the seminar fee, you automatically agree to accept these terms and conditions.

Seminar & Booking Information
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